Here is our new rig, the VRC MK4.0 with its Sparco red and black seat. You seat 30 cm above the ground. The best quality made in the business. This is not a toy but a real simulator improved year after year since 2006. For serious drivers/racers.

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680,00 € tax incl.


The Frame:
Made with first quality steel. Environmentally friendly powder coating in black. Powder coating made in Switzerland, and assembled in Switzerland and also in France.
The quality is no comparison with our competition. We make rigs for serious players. It is the reason our product is also more expensive than other brands.
It also has 4 legs of 30 cm long. This way you can get in and out easily. The legs have an adjustment at the bottom for uneven floors.
Any driver can fits inside the rig, and we made sure if you are 6”5 feet tall and 300 pounds, you can fit inside.
Sparco sliders are mounted on the rigs. You will be able to adjust the length of your seat perfectly and switch drivers without touching any other settings.
At the front of the chassis, there is a handle for easy moving and storage.   Two small wheels can be added in order to roll the chassis with ease. The feet can be remove in seconds if you want to storage your VRC MK4.0.

Driving and seating Position :
Driving position like a real racing car, with your feet at the same level as your legs, like in a formula car.  Our driving position was always been our most concern. 
When you will be driving you will be  at about 35 cm/ 40 cm  above the ground. 4 removable legs have been added to the regular frame. That way you can get in the simulator much easier than lower down the ground. A major improvement for us.
The driving position is really the most important aspect of the sim racing. You will feel just like in a racing car. And on top of that, you will be much more comfortable because of our Sparco seat.

Wheel stand:
Drawn to be able to support wheels over 16 lbs./8 kg. The wheel stand is 5 mm thickness very steady, 5 knobs will help you to adjust very precisely the height and the length.

Pedal assembly support:
50 cm wide pedals assembly support is installed to fit all the larger pedal assemblies. Adjustable in length. Very steady at breaking.  You will never feel any torsion at breaking and get the best out of yourselves on late breakings.

Our unique Velcro system will help you to mount your pedals assy. You are able with this system to move you pedal assy for left braking or right foot braking depending the car you are experienced.
You heels are laying on a metal support your heels. It has a nice coat of Neopren of 7 mms so you can rest very comfortable and play without shoes … like most of us who drives at home with socks on…  

The VRC MKII comes with a Sparco Seat R100 black and red on the side and at the top. The materiel used is Frequency cloth. The back of the seat is fully reclining. It is a real car seat and intentionally made for cars not for gaming. You will be very comfortable and will be able to play for hours.
The reclining back part is adjustable.
We also mount Sparco’s sliders so you can adjust the length of the seat about 30 cm back and forth.

Settings for driving position:
the VRC MK 4.0 has numerous of settings for length and height and depending the height of the driver. You can adjust the length with 2 knobs on the chassis.
Also under the seat with the sliders you can adjust very precisely the length when you switch drivers and you don’t want to adjust the knobs on the chassis.
For the wheel, there are 3 knobs for the length of your arms and 2 for the height of the wheel. Hands position are very important in racing and you will be able to adjust you hands very precisely.
The seat with its reclining seat will to support your back and find the best position possible. (yes,  some of us are not 20 years old anymore).
The knobs on the chassis we are using are large and strong enough so you can tighten the chassis’ knobs very hard.
The pedal assembly is wide enough so you can adjust the way you want your feet position, meaning choosing if you are braking with the left or the right foot.  
The VRC MK4.0 is the most strong made and adjustable of any simulators

5 minutes only. The VRC is practically delivered to you complete. This will make your life easier, plus by having less parts, it adds strength to the frame. All you have to do is mount you Sparco Seat with 4 screws, mount your wheel and pedal assembly the way you want and there you are: Ready to go.

Compatibility and wiring:
You can mount all types of wheels as long as they are made to be mounted with screws. (Most of them have this feature nowadays)
Pedal assy:  same thing. As long as they have a flat bottom which all have, they will fit on the pedal support.
Inside the box, we provide you self-Velcro wraps, plastic ties. This way, you can hide all the cables and makes a clean installation. You can use the VRC with any consoles like PS3, Xbox360, PS2 or any PC's. You may need a USB extension if your simulator VRC is too far from the TV screen.

What's in the box:

  •     Chassis-VRC MKII with pre-drilled holes for Fanatec and Logitech wheel
  •     4 feets stands 30 cm height.
  •     Original Sparco sliders arlreay mounted on the chassis.
  •     Original Sparco seat R100 with reclinable and folding back.
  •     Raising pad for your heels metal with neoprene 7 mm coat.
  •     Mouting kit including all the hardware, ties, velcro ties, wide Velcro extra strong self-adhesive band.
  •     Instruction Manuel multi language with picture.
  • Seatdepth : 47 cm
  • For players : starting 8 years old and 120 cm (4') to 2.00 cm (6'5")
  • Seat : Sparco R 100 black and red reclining
  • Weight with seat : 26 kgs
  • Length : 150 with seat in driving position
  • seat width, seating width 50 cm/ 37cm
  • pedal assembly width : 50 cm
  • Width 62 cm
  • pedal assembly height : 50 cm/ 37cm
  • Height 150 with seat
  • Chassis color black